invantive compositionStackOverflow Word add-in

Use Invantive Composition to compose complex Word documents with StackOverflow data

Manually collecting software business information and making tables in Word usually takes a very long time. The StackOverflow database is very large which makes it hard find and process the data. Even if you have already found the information you were looking for, it can be challenging to make this into easily accessible data. Invantive Composition offers a great solution to this problem. Invantive Composition helps you retrieve and edit data and tables from the StackOverflow database with ease. You can specify which information and data you are interested in, and simply let Invantive Composition do the rest for you. Invantive Composition for Word will fill your previously created templates with data coming directly from the StackOverflow through the APIs. This means that you don't have to look up all the information manually. Making complex Word documents containing all the specific information you need is now just a matter of a few minutes and has never been easier.

Another great thing about Invantive Composition for Word is that there is no need for specific knowledge, additional training or a programmer. Invantive Composition is simple to operate, just like Microsoft Word. It's also worth noting that the documents created with Invantive Composition can be used without the application, so recipients do not need the program.

The benefits of using the StackOverflow edition of Invantive Composition for Word

The Invantive Composition for Word software provides you with the following benefits:

  • Optimization of the documenting and communication process.
  • Automatically fill pre-composed templates in Word with data from StackOverflow and other sources.
  • Focus on your StackOverflow business, not on technology; no programming and no software developers.
  • Reduce time-to-market for changing your business by reducing effort by your IT department.
  • Merge unstructured texts in a document with structured data.
  • Reduction of erroneously prepared documents and production costs.